Terminated Research

“Instructor Perceptions on the Values of College Readiness”
Project PI: Erica Gunville, PhD Candidate University of North Dakota
The proposed research project conducts research on values of college ready programming, with the purpose of the study to focus on instructor perceptions and what makes a student become college read

“Great Plains Partnership to Improve Community Health”
Project PI: Nichole Cottier, Great Plains Tribal Chairmen’s Health Board
The proposed study is a community assessment designed to assist the Tribal Advisory Committee to measure community health, create knowledge, and implement effective strategies that reflect cultural values and beliefs to reduce the rates death and disability due to diabetes and stroke.

"Quality of Health/Life after Organ Donation or Transplantation: American Indians' Experience"
Project PI/Co PI: Misty Lynn Wilkie-Condiff, PhD, RN
To learn more about the experience American Indians have with organ donation and transplantation.

"Healthy American Indian Pregnancy Project"
Project PI/Co PI: Clayton J. Hilmert
The purpose of this research is to study associations among historical trauma, stress, sleep, health during pregnancy, and pregnancy outcomes (e.g., birth weight, length of pregnancy) in American Indian women.

"Community based diabetes education "Train the Trainer Event"
Project PI/Co PI: Alona Jarmin
It will be a training to train able and willing participants to hold community based diabetes education using a CMS approvedcurriculum that requires training on prior to holding community classes on diabetes (type 2).  The purpose of this training is to improve the clinical outcomes of diabetics in communities in ND by identifying and training people who will hold community based diabetes education classes using the CMS approved curriculum, Diabetes Empowerment Education Program (D.E.E.P).  The focused population is American Indian and those who have Medicare.

"Oral Narrative Education Practiced on the Turtle Mountain Chippewa Indian Reservation"
Project PI/Co PI: Dr. Nathan Wood, Caitlyn Johnson
To gain data for dissertation studying oral narrative educational practice.

"The Impact of Biculuralism on the Psychopathic Personality Inventory Scores"
Project PI/Co PI: Cynthia Guartos
To gather normative data for the American Indian male population and check if my data matches the current “normative” data the manual supplies.

"Tourism Surveys"
Project PI/Co: Don Hawkins
To gain a better understanding of the tourist profile in Turtle Mountain and their preferences regarding visitor activities. To understand resident perception of tourism, preferences for tourism development, and collect information about interested tourism participants