Our Services

  • Community Assessments
    • Community Health Assessment
    • Food sovereignty
  • Community Surveys
  • Data Collection & Analysis
  • Research Review Board
  • Research Catalog
  • Program Evaluation
  • Data Center
  • Community Health Profile & Research Priority Coordination
  • Conference Planning and Organization

Our Accomplishments

  • Annual Data Matters Conference
    • 2017 conference focused on the introduction of data and research and how the data can help the TMBCI community, 175 attendees from 9 states
    • 2018 conference focused on the different strategies for data collection and research in Tribal Communities, how to make practical application of the data to various scenarios within the community.  Reporting data to stakeholders.  Over 200 attendees.
    • 2019 conference was more interactive with the introduction of science posters.  225 attendees
  • Research Catalog Database
    • Past Research
    • Current Approved Research
  • Data Use Policy Development
    • Data Return
    • Data Format
    • Data Sharing Agreements
    • Release of Data Information
  • Community Health Assessment
    • Systemic overview of health status indicators
  • General Survey
    • Systemic overview of general needs of the TMBCI community

Supports TNRG programs and mission to improve the quality of life for all Tribal Members, through culturally competent, custom-fit research.

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