​"To improve the quality of life for all Tribal Members, through culturally competent, custom-fit research"

"TNRG is an Equal Opportunity Provider"

The Purpose of the Data Center: 

Develop a statutory process  to review, govern, maintain, and house all research, collection, database, or publication undertaken within the Turtle Mountain Community. To maintain data relevant to TMBCI and all subsidiaries.

  • We need to establish our own benchmarks.
  • We want and need change in our community.
  • We need increased communication.
  • We need to work toward a set of common goals.

The purposes of the RRB:

  • protect the people, culture, and natural resources of the Tribe and the Tribe's future generations from unauthorized scientific research;
  • to reduce any adverse effects of human subject research and related activities on the Tribe and its People;
  • to ensure that researchers recognize the Tribe’s control of research activities and ownership of all data and information generated or produced by such research; and
  • to establish and provide a statutory basis for a process to review and govern any research, collection, database, or publication undertaken on the Reservation.

Data Center COMING SOON!!

  • When collecting data please always have respect for the community, the people, their culture, and their lands;
  • Tribal/Reservation communities have qualified individuals available to help you understand the data needs, reach out to them;
  • If you collect the data, do something with the data.
    • inform policy, 
    • inform leaders, 
    • Inform the community.

How they work together

  • Data
    • Research database
    • Demographic Information
    • Data sovereignty
    • Data protection
  • Better understanding of our community and the needs of our community.
  • Educated and informed community
  • Increase in communication across the community, stakeholders, and constituents. 
  • Stronger decision making.
  • Improved planning.
  • Targeted resources
  • Overall improvement in our people, resources, and finances.
  • Respect for research