Completed Research

"Exploring Breast Cancer Risk Factors among American Indian Women"
Project PI: Melanie Nadeau, PhD Candidate University of Minnesota
The proposed study focuses on gathering the information needed to determine relative risk for risk factors associated with breast cancer among American Indian women.  The researcher will explore the following risk factors: woman’s age, age at first live birth, age of onset of menstruation, the number of previous benign breast biopsies, total number of first-degree relatives with breast cancer, body mass index (BMI) and parity. 

"Exploring the History of Public Discourse on Self Determination as a Value and Belief of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians"
Project PI: Teri Martin-Parisien, PhD Candidate University of North Dakota
Using tribal critical race theory as the theoretical framework and methodology, the values and beliefs of the tribe from the early to mid-1900's will be compared with the values and beliefs of  the tribe in the present date to explore any changes, particularly as it relates to self-determination.

“In Our Own Words: Native Impressions”
Project PI/CoPI: Lucy Ganje, MFA, Kim Fink, and Sebastian Braun, University of North Dakota
In our own words: Native Impressions. This purpose of this study highlight the lives of contemporary Native Americans and the issues surrounding them. Tribal members will have portraits painted while the subjects talk about their lives and life experiences while living in North Dakota.

"TMBCI Health Priorities"
Project PI/Co PI: Anita Frederick
To Identify health priorities within the TMBCI community.

"American Indian Perceptions of Obesity and it's Effects on Healthy Lifestyles"
Project PI/Co PI: Morgan J Foster, MPH
To identify perceptions, beliefs, opinions, and attitudes about obesity and its effects on healthy lifestyles in the TMBCI community.

"Education & Employment Hope (self-reliance) Assessment of HS Junior/Seniors on ND American Indian Reservations"
Project PI/Co PI: Loretta Heuer, PhD
To survey Junior/Senior high school students in and around four tribal nations in ND (TMBCI, Spirit Lake, Standing Rock, MHA Nation/United Tribes to assess their hope (degree of self-reliance) for future education and employment.

"French-Canadian and Michif Heritage in North Dakota"
Project PI/Co PI: Virgil Benoit
This project will gather information on French-Canadian and Michif heritage from knowledgeable individuals across the state of North Dakota.

"Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians Housing Research and Prototype Design"
Project PI/Co PI: Aleksandra Jaeschke
Is to design new homes for the Turtle Mountain Community which will help reduce the cost of heating, improve the quality of life, and accommodate the demands for multi-generational living.

"Perception of the Effect of Leadership Styles on Organizational Commitment at Tribal Colleges and Universities"
Project PI/Co: Amber Mathern
The purpose of the research is to propose an investigation of the perception of the effect of leadership styles on organizational commitment at Tribal Colleges and Universities (TCUs). With TCUs taking a leading role in the effort to combat unemployment in the Native American populations, they help to shape the economic future of Indian Country.  The TCUs' quest to help shape the economic future of Indian Country relies on the effectiveness of the respective TCUs.

"National Evaluation of the Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College Career Training (TAACCCT) Program, US Department of Labor"
Project PI/Co: Carol Hafford
The purpose of this research is to learn about and document the implementation of Turtle Mountain Community College's Training for Regional Energy in North Dakota (TREND) program, which is part of a state grant consortium led by Bismarck State College, for the National Evaluation of the Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) Community College Career Training Program administered by the US Department of Labor.

"North Dakota Condition Assessment"
Project PI/Co: Edward Dekeyser
The purpose of this study is to assess the condition of wetlands across North Dakota.  This will help us develop a data set of how wetlands in the region are changing over time.

"Safe Children Immunization Project"
Project PI/Co: Linda Littlefield
The project will serve the 7 Great Plains communities where Healthy Start Programs are also located, including the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indian (TMBCI) Reservation.  The aim of the project is to improve immunization coverage for American Indian children in the Great Plains region.  

​"To improve the quality of life for all Tribal Members, through culturally competent, custom-fit research"

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