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TNRG established a relationship with TMBCI for a formalized process to protect the people, culture, and natural resources of TMBCI.

TNRG established and manages the TMBCI Research Department:

  • Tribal RRB
  • Research Catalog
  • Establish a data center/repository that will be the official reporting entity for the TMBCI and subsidiaries.
  • Inform and educate the TMBCI community about the research process, data use, data ownership, and distribute updates about research.

The Group provides quality research education materials designed to educate the community about research and the research process, according to the standards established by the TNRG.

When collecting data please always have respect for the community, the people, their culture, and their lands. Respect is a teaching of the Chippewa people that we hold in high regards. To build a trusting relationship, respect must be earned/given.

Tribal/Reservation communities have qualified individuals available to help you understand the data needs, so reach out to them before conducting research. If you need help contacting someone, call TNRG.

If you collect the data, do something with the data.

  • inform policy,
  • inform leaders,
  • Inform the community.

Promoting high quality research relevant to Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians