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National Science Foundation

Awards $178,311 to Tribal Nations Research Group

The Tribal Nations Research Group (TNRG) located in Belcourt, North Dakota, recently received a grant from the First Nations Development Institute of Longmont, Colorado. This award will support the efforts of the Tribal Nations Research Group to Conduct a Community Food Sovereignty Assessment.

Food sovereignty assessments examine a broad range of food-related opportunities and challenges. This assessment is important in helping tribal, and community leaders evaluate local food sovereignty assets, including opportunities of needs, so that eventually we can identify strategies related to food sovereignty in our communities. Community support, involvement, and input will play a significant role in the project.

Tribal Nations Research Group is charged with the research and planning for collecting and analyzing data on the community’s local food systems. With careful planning and preparation, combined with community membership, the assessment will provide TNRG and the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa’s community with the baseline data to build sustainable food systems and support the efforts as food cooperatives, commercially-licensed kitchens, farm-to-school programs, healthy eating, and numerous other agricultural projects related to food-systems controls. 

If you are interested in being involved in the project, please contact Rhonda Gustafson, Project Coordinator, at TNRG 701-477-5526 or email rhonda.gus@gmail.

TMBCI Heritage Center

Soft Opening​


Students will have the opportunity to become an elite member of TNRG! We will provide them with information on research and scholarship opportunities and feature their work on our website!

To improve the quality of life for all Tribal Members, through culturally competent, custom-fit research"

National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities


The Tribal Nations Research Group is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a grant of $178,311 from the National Science Foundation (NSF). The award is for a planning project. The project will result in a proposal for a study that will determine whether an outreach project that has been supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF) Tribal Colleges and Universities Program (TCUP) has impacted math learning among Native Americans.  

The objectives are to 1) define what constitutes success of the outreach project; 2) identify short-term and long-term outcome; 3) identify rubrics to measure outcomes; 4) identify an approach methodology; 5) identify instruments to measure the outcomes; 6) identify data sources and methods to gather data; 7) identify ways to measure the impact of the Native American cultural component.  Additionally the proposed planning project will explore ways to explain the role the NSF Tribal College Rural Systemic Initiative (1994-2005) had in establishing the necessary and preliminary environmental and academic atmosphere for the Sunday Academy project at the participating tribal colleges and the American Indian communities being served.

For more information please contact TNRG at 701-477-5526 or Anita Frederick, TNRG President, at neeta_frederick@hotmail.com.

Along with the ceremony, a special event took place, the return of VHS tapes that were held at United Tribes Technical College archives center. Anita Frederick, TNRG President, collaborated with Dr. Russ McDonald to repatriate the tapes to TMBCI. Dr. McDonald surprised guests with the presentation of digital and audio footage of our highly respected tribal elders Francis & Rose Cree. The tapes will be housed in safe keeping at the data center of the tribe, TNRG. These tapes hold the tribal history and ancient teachings of the Ojibway people of the Turtle Mountains.

Tribal Nations Research Group


The ceremony on Friday July 21 was a very positive event that brought out the spirit of pride in all who attended and dignitaries like Governor Doug Burgum were very impressed. Governor Burgum said the heritage center is a place that will honor the past, recognize the present and inspire the future. The ceremony began with an honor guard consisting of an eagle staff and flag carriers as they walked in time to a Ojibway drum honor song. A traditional prayer by Councilman Lynn Gourneau was given. 

Councilman Jamie Azure facilitated much of the event as he specifically thanked many individuals, organizations, and federal, state and tribal officials who supported the project. 

The new facility is designed like an art creation itself in a large circular pattern with long sweeping hallways and high ceilings. It has all the traits of a high-class art gallery that has plenty of room for art of all kinds and cultural artifacts. 

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TMBCI is proud to announce the soft opening of the New Heritage Center located next to the SkyDancer Casino! 

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